Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 15th & 16th - Second and Third Day at the Lodge

Start the day by finishing what you started the day before. A little more digging, wood we need to finish the job arrived last night. Art brought out some pressure treated 2 x 4'S and a few sheets of T-111 siding. While the boys finished that, I worked on getting supplies ready for my boat trips stuff, life jacket, flares, throw-able cushion, fire extinguisher and rope, so if I get stopped I have everything I need. And also, if something should happen...

After that worked on getting Arts new boat equipped as well. Installed a new VHF radio, took the leaking front windows out and we fabricated new plugs for the window holes out of wood, painted the inside of the boat, put a heater in there to dry everything out including the paint.

Living at the Lodge is a little different when the Lodge is not open. Meals are up at the house with Dewey and Art. There is no hot water yet in the Lodge so I am showering up there. Generators are on all day, but get shut down around 10 pm, so no lights all night until around 6:00 AM.

First night I cooked ribs and potatoes and corn, great meal!! Last night we had spaghetti and tonight we had pork tenderloins on the grill with buttered parsley potatoes and green beans. Great food!!

Today - Saturday - finished Arts boat, more paint installed the plugs for the window holes and generally cleaned up the mess we made for the past three days. Easy afternoon, watched TV and did some computer work. Resting afternoon for me. Dewey and Art went out and checked the crab traps while I showered and rested watching TV and starting dinner.

Weather permitting tomorrow (Sunday), we will head in to town with Arts boat so we can launch another Lodge boat and I can drive it back out to the Lodge, hopefully early enough to allow for a little fishing when I ge back to the Lodge.

The weather may be a little nasty tomorrow and if so we will do some more work around the Lodge and maybe fish on Monday.

Anyway, another couple good days at the Lodge, with lots getting done. Arts boat came out nice with the new replacement "windows", shouldn't leak now and no need to look out of the cabin anyway!! The windows were leaking badly and virtually worthless, so better they come out.

More later..

Capt Jim

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