Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th!

Friday May 29th - The day "If we used it, it broke"!! Just one of those days, everything we touched required repair! Still got a bunch done though.

Early start - Art and Dewey headed into town for fuel with the AJ and the barge - this time for diesel!

Kicker and I headed out fishing early, drug bait around for about 4 hours and NOTHING! Had to come in and get ready for my run to town to pick up a small order of supplies and 2 new crew members.

Put 52 gallons of fuel in the Whaler and started towards town - half way out of Yes Bay, port engine quit - water in fuel!! Limped back to the dock on the starboard engine. Changed fuel filters and emptied the ones on the engine. Starboard fired right back up and was fine,port engine was a major problem, had to take half of it apart to get to the injector rail and drain it of water, emptied the fuel filters again and took off for a test run. More water, drained the filters again and then was finally off for town. Since we were not sure if we would get the Whaler running again we had Art pick up the crew in the skiff and take them out to the AJ and barge, a ride out, but a long one! I headed in and met up with them around half way to town, transferred crew to the Whaler and ran back.

In the meantime the house staff was steam cleaning the carpets in the Lodge and both steam cleaners had to be taken apart and cleaned and repaired to get them to work properly.

Kitchen staff fixed a great dinner of roast beef, red potatoes and vegetables and a salad and fresh made french bread!! Fantastic!

Saturday May 30th - Pumped fuel from the barge into the fuel farm this morning, involved moving boats and pumping close to 4000 gallons of fuel into the storage farm.

Worked on crab and shrimp pots and did some work in the tackle room - no trip to town today!

Smoked Turkey for dinner tonight!! Cant' wait!

New guides arrive tomorrow - they are in town tonight, will pick them up tomorrow afternoon! Looking forward to finally having all the crew here.

The sun came out this afternoon, warm, clear sky and sunny! Just before dinner took a walk around the front yard shooting some pictures of the wildflowers!!


Capt Jim

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