Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 14th - First Full Day at the Lodge

It seems the back yard of the Lodge decided to intrude on the lower level of the Lodge. The steepness of the back yard causes continual erosion towards the Lodge. In one section it reached a critical stage as the moist wet snow and dirt caused some damage to the floor and one of the structural members!

So today was the beginning of the "FIX"...nothing like digging wet dirt on your first day back at the Lodge! So, the first project was to remove all the dirt resting against the bottom of the outside wall on the Lodge and remove the old framing and clear around the support beam so it could be replaced.

So we dug and cut for about 4 hours and ordered the wood from town to facilitate the repair. Boy was I stiff and tired at the end of the day. We replaced the main support beam by cutting out the old and jacking the building up to put in the new beam.

Tomorrow, we reframe the wall and put on the new siding. and construct a temporary retaining wall to slow the dirt slide!

Two day project completed on time!!

Tomorrow, we start on some boat repairs and replace one more small post! Also need to do some work on the dock, replace some boards and fix one joint that was damaged by ice.

Busy place around here, always something to do! Sunday I head into town and bring out another boat and fishing gear and start to get boats set up!


Capt. Jim

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