Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 17-20th

Sunday May 17th - Finished Arts boat up and did general cleanup of the shop and things we had out making the repairs around the Lodge. Art headed back into town in the afternoon.

Afternoon we took off and relaxed.

Monday May 18th - Rainy day, so we kept busy doing mostly inside work. Weather is supposed to clear tomorrow, so we will be moving boats from town.

Tuesday - May 19th - Clear sunny morning, so we painted the portion of the Lodge where we had to replace the siding. Then got the boat that was damaged during a run out a couple weeks ago ready to head back into town. No top or windshield so it will be a cold run in. Dewey and I made the run in, calm seas, just cold...met Art at the marina, he has 2 boats ready for us to bring back out, he put the damaged one on the trailer to get the windows replaced and a new top.

Dewey and I ran the 2 boats back out, very calm, beautiful trip. Once we go back, brought out a new lawnmower, so we assembled that and fired it up. Dewey cut the front yard. I got my boat loaded up so we could catch the afternoon tide change and see if we can find a fish or two.

Spent about 3 hours trolling, managed a couple hits, but nothing in the boat. Lots of bait around and we saw signs of fish, but they just weren't feeding? Maybe in a day or two we can get out early in the morning and catch the morning bite.

May 20th - Dreary windy day, had planned on a trip into town, but decided against it due to weather. Spent this morning finishing up the final paperwork and application for the Lodge Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

Now going to work on a "Fathers Day Special" email blast. This is an inside day. Dewey is cutting wood, before the rain he put a second coat on the new siding on the Lodge.

Wind is up a little today and the air seems colder than it has been.

More later,

Capt Jim

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