Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Day of Cruise - Glacier Bay

If you’ve seen one Glacier you’ve seen them all. We spent a glorious day cruising through scenic Glacier Bay. It was very beautiful, however, seeing chunks of ice and static glaciers proved to be a little boring. The overall scenery was fantastic, however, for some reason, possibly too early in the season and cold, the glaciers were not calving. We sailed up close to at least 3 Glaciers and probably saw another half a dozen in the distance. It really was quite spectacular, and everyone on the ship seemed to get quite a thrill!

There were harbor seals on the ice flows, at least 2 bears on the beach at quite a distance and a number of whales spouting in the distant, so for many it was quite a scene and it was shown by their enthusiasm and crowding on the bow of the boat.

Great sunny day and reasonably warm, freezing temperature in the early morning, but once the sun came up it warmed to the mid-to high 40’s and was quite nice as there was not much wind while we were motoring so slow.

Arrive tomorrow in Ketchikan, I am really looking forward to getting “home”. The cruise was a great adventure and I really enjoyed it, but I really can’t wait until the season starts at Yes Bay!!


Capt Jim

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